Rick Ross' large frame is as much of his image as his big beard and stories about slinging coke, but that doesn't mean he isn't trying to slim down a bit. And unless you haven't noticed, he's getting smaller.

British radio and TV personality Tim Westwood acknowledged the Bawse's slimmer look during a recent visit to the U.K. Rozay said he's made some drastic changes, including eating fruit and doing a new trendy workout.

"I do this s--- called CrossFit," explained the MMG boss.

"I call it RossFit now... Earlier this summer Reebok had introduced me to a trainer, and what he turned me onto was, let's say for instance if you're on a treadmill and you did that s--- for 30 minutes, you burning calories but you could be doing something that's burning calories and building muscle at the same time."

The Miami native joked about his former workout routine compared to the healthier choices he's making these days. "So it's like you're working out a shorter time. I could go out and do some s--- for 20 minutes, and you could be looking like this... The most I used to do to exercise is stand up to count the money," said the burly lyricist.

As far as the amount of weight he's lost, Ross says he doesn't keep track. "I ain't really keeping up with the amount of weight," he explained. "I just wanted to get into better shape, put myself in a better position... They give me fruit to eat. I forgot what fruit tasted like. I eat pears now, and s--- like that. Shout out to all the pear eaters."

It'll be interesting to see how much smaller the 'Mastermind' creator gets from here.

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