These days, when a rap album is able to maintain buzz, it usually means that a re-release with bonus tracks is on the way. Both Raekwon and Eminem have done it to semi-successful results in the past year and we can now add Rick Ross to the list. The larger-than-life rapper is negotiating with Def Jam to get a re-release of 'Teflon Don' in stores.

Since its July release, 'Teflon Don' has moved about 405,000 units. The record was heavily promoted before its original release on July 20. Even with a robust list of guest features that included Jay-Z, T.I., Erykah Badu, Drake, Gucci Mane, Ne-Yo, Cee-Lo and Kanye West, Ross apparently has more fire to add to the album before moving on to his next full-length project. Others have speculated that another reason for the re-release is that the album, while yielding some of the summer's biggest songs, actually sold far less than the label expected.

"Negotiating The Teflon Don Re-Release with few new bangers," wrote Ross on Twitter. "... November Mo' Rozayyyy."

The time does seem right. Just last weekend, Ross appeared in an advertisement for athletic-giant Nike in one of the biggest mainstream looks of his career to date. Thus far, there's no word on what bonus tracks will be included.

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