Typically, artists and celebrities have rather salty run-ins with the paparazzi, especially members of the TMZ crew. But not Rick Ross, who took over the interview to create his latest brand, MMZ.

While standing outside what appears to be a hotel, the Maybach Music Group was confronted by a TMZ cameraman looking to ask him some questions. But Rozay quickly flipped the script and made it clear that he was the one in charge. He is the bawse after all.

What ensued was an awkward/hilarious discussion that featured Ross creating a new name for TMZ founder Harvey Levin who is repeatedly referred to as Hervis. The rapper also got the chance to use a hearty "PAUSE" when the cameraman commented that he's "looking good."

The video interview, which you can watch above, was basically a means of Rozay promoting the new MMG label album, 'Self-Made Vol. 3.' It can you missed the million mentions of its release date, it's due out Sept. 17.