Rick Ross has sat in the audience at many award shows, but he's yet to host one.

That'll change next month when he'll be the master of ceremonies at the MTV Woodies at this year's SXSW. He talked about it during a recent interview with Billboard magazine.

"The Woodies have always been cool," said Ross. "I performed at the Woodies with the Clipse [in 2009], and I've been back a few times, but my new album Rather You Than Me will be up in stores on the 17th, so it just felt right to mesh all the dope concerts, a lot of dope artists and really just the culture."

As Rozay mentioned, his ninth studio album is just weeks away, and it'll be his first release on Epic. Plus, he said the project is his best work, and once it drops it'll prove that he's one of the best.

"This is my ninth album and quite possibly my magnum opus," he stated. "And that's not a word I throw around, but it's just the highest level of Maybach Music. I'm excited for the streets to hear the collaborations, the records, the production. I feel like this is definitely, for anybody that ever, ever, doubted Rick Ross, this is most definitely going to solidify that I'm one of the greatest."

You can read the rest of Ross' interview with Billboard here.

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