Rick Ross has reportedly been stricken with a second seizure, while en route to Memphis, Tenn., where he was scheduled to perform tonight.

The Maybach Music Group boss suffered a previous seizure earlier today, losing consciousness onboard a Delta flight to Memphis from Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. at 12:55PM ET. The commercial flight was forced to make an emergency landing, while a doctor on the plane performed CPR on the heavyweight hip-hop star.

Though Ross appeared to be in good health, releasing a video via his Twitter account after the incident, TMZ has reported that Ross suffered a second seizure, this time aboard his private jet, losing consciousness, and forcing the pilot to make a second emergency landing in Birmingham, Ala. at 7:44PM ET.

The 'Hustlin' MC was rushed to a Birmingham emergency room, where he is currently listed in stable condition.

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