Rick Ross keeps finding himself entwined in one beef after another but he could care less. This time around Trick Daddy is retaliating against Ross for his lyrics on the track 'Valley of Death.'

The song, which is featured on Ross' latest release, 'Deeper Than Rap,' calls Trick out for allegedly suffering from AIDS instead of lupus which he previously announced to the press. "Caught a little case, buddy had a little cheddar/ Pled out to 15, poured his life in a letter/ Very first line he called Trick Daddy stupid," Ross rhymes. "Said he had AIDS telling people that it's lupus/ Not the one just to jump to conclusions."

Trick, who admitted to suffering from lupus earlier this year, expressed his unhappiness with his former label mate via a radio interview. "I'd like to apologize for my kid's misbehaving in class and on the radio and in the concerts. I let Ross start eating table food too fast," he said. "I was a big Ross fan. If you check all my interviews, the web, radio -- I never dissed him. I always told people I like Ross. I supported him."

Ross however is standing behind his lyrics but does admit to not knowing the status of Trick's health. "I think it's pretty much clear," Ross said in an interview. "Like I say, I received a letter. I don't know, [Trick's health] situation. I didn't feed into it. It was a letter. It is what it is."

Although the root of their "beef" is not clear, rumor has it that the two Miami natives fell out after picture of Ross working as a corrections officer hit the net. Some think that Trick leaked that photos but he maintains that he is innocent." I had nothing to do with that from day one," he said. The photos were a hot topic in hip-hop media because they questioned the authenticity of Ross' past as a drug dealer, which he often talks about in his music.

"When the Trick Daddy speculation came up, I was on tour. I gave him a call," Ross said. "Gangster to gangster. I know Trick Daddy, if he did do it, he wouldn't tell me.He knows what would come of that. So, most definitely, he denied it."

All of this publicity seems to be working in Ross' favor. His latest album became his third consecutive album to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard charts. 'Deeper than Rap' was released in April and has sold over 200,000 units just in two weeks.