Rick Ross is making sure that "Summer 17" is his. Ross announced on Twitter that his highly anticipated album, Rather You Than Me , will be released on March 17. This will be Ross's ninth solo LP and the first since signing with Epic Records.

Last month Ross penned a letter explaining to fans what inspired him when creating this album.

“This album is more than just another project for me. It’s a product of strength, perseverance, and determination." Ross went on to explain that this album is dedicated to his supporters. "Y'all been rocking with me since we came of out the port of Miami. Without you none of this shit really means anything," he wrote. "Rather You Than Me...I hope y'all feel this. Listen to the message, relate to the story, feel the pain and struggle in these lyrics. But more importantly, understand that there is a greater life on the other side of those nightmares. It's all for a purpose. It's all for the better. I'm living proof. Boss S---!"

Rather You Than Me will be Ross’s first album since he released Black Market back in 2015. That was also the last album he released under Def Jam Records. The biggest boss is making sure that his album gets the proper promotion— he enlisted the help of comedian Chris Rock to announce his album release date. Check out the video below.


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