Rick Ross was reportedly rushed to the hospital from his Miami home early Thursday morning, according to TMZ.

Though no details have officially been confirmed as of yet, someone from his home called 911 at 3:30 a.m., saying that the person was "breathing heavy and unresponsive." The caller also said the person had a history with seizures. Ross reportedly has had two seizures on two separate flights in the past, but blamed them on a lack of sleep. This was prior to his massive weight loss, where he shed 100 pounds.

According to TMZ, the person who dialed 911 said they tried to wake him up but he was "slobbing at the mouth."

Rick Ross reportedly went to the hospital by ambulance and is being treated for respiratory issues, possibly caused by pneumonia.

One person connected to Ross told TMZ the medical issue is heart-related. However, a family member strongly denied that Rick Ross was hospitalized, although he reportedly missed an appearance on Thursday night.


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