Rick Ross is now an advice columnist, as he was hired by Rolling Stone magazine to give all sorts of useful help to readers.

The news of Rozay putting on his Dear Abby hat came late last month, as Rolling Stone told folks to email whatever questions they had for the rapper to askaboss@rollingstone.com.

The column, which is called 'Ask Rick Ross,' provides short, witty and hilarious feedback from the Miami MC. He tackles topics like getting rid of your girlfriend if she has a problem with your weed smoking. He also tells a reader -- who's a student -- to do whatever he has to in order to get an essay turned in, even if he has to cheat a little.

Plus, he gives some pretty good advice about how to handle a girlfriend who has expensive taste. "Depends on how much she's really worth to you," advises Ross in the print version of the magazine.

By the looks of it, the 'Mastermind' creator will be answering five questions in each issue and it seems that no topic is off limits.

At the moment, he's clearly been in domination mode ever since releasing his latest album 'Mastermind,' as it opened up at No.1 on the Billboard charts in March.

Rolling Stone