Rick Ross says this year's MTV Video Music Awards are going to be...the best. "This is gonna be the dopest MTV VMAs ever," the Bawse predicted. "I'm letting you know. Not only because I'm a part of it, but when I walked into the auditorium where the VMAs are being held, I felt like I stepped off a ship on Pandora. If you ever saw the movie 'Avatar,' that's the feeling. Everything feels big, everything feels futuristic. It feels space-age. We got the dopest female in late night hosting the show, Chelsea Handler. She's on fire right now. She's sizzling. She's sexy as ever....Expect the game to be stepped up 2,000 percent.....It's the best of music, it's the best of performances, it's the best host and the dopest set I've ever seen ever. This is Pandora." Yeah, but Ricky you like everything. [MTV]

Though Quincy Jones recently revealed that he's no fan of Lady Gaga's, the man sure loves Amy Winehouse. Describe their first meeting, the legendary producer said "We hugged and I said, 'Why you got to mess up your life like this?' She said, 'I'm gonna be OK. My husband's getting out of jail soon.' I said, 'Wow! That's a big positive!' She's like Naomi [Campbell], my other little naughty sister." Naughty, huh. That's ill. [TheGuardian]

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