The lead single off Rick Ross' 'Mastermind' album, 'No Games,' featuring Future, has the potential to revive what appeared to be a career on the decline.The song's beat, produced by Justice League, is relatively simple, featuring an operatic vocal sample in the backdrop and a thumping bassline. It is this beat and Future's hook that will make this song an undeniable club banger. Future, cementing his status as this generation's signature hook master, starts with a simple chant: "Can't play no games with these n---as." He expands the chant and then caps it off with patented Auto-Tuned humming at the end.

The lead single off Ross' sixth studio album is reminiscent of another song in the Miami native's extensive catalog of hits, 'B.M.F.' Much like 'No Games,' 'B.M.F.' was a simple yet aggressive beat that became one of the biggest songs of the year.

The timing of both releases is also analogous. In 2010, Ross was still reeling from the after effects of his vicious beef with 50 Cent, who had previously built a reputation of obliterating those with whom he had personal vendettas against. His previous album, 'Deeper Than Rap,' was his lowest-selling release to date. However, 'B.M.F.' propelled Ross' next album, 'Teflon Don,' to gold certification, and paved the way for him to create what would eventually become known as the "Untouchable Maybach Music Empire."

In 2013, Ross' luster has been fading. His last album was eclipsed sales wise by newcomers such as Kendrick Lamar and Macklemore. and failed to spawn a successful single. It was critically received as a letdown in comparison to his mixtape from earlier in 2012, 'Rich Forever.' Meanwhile, his label has been crumbling beneath his feet. Meek Mill and Wale, his two main signees, have been faltering, and Gunplay's buzz was burst thanks to his legal woes. The label's compilation album, 'Self Made Vol. 3,' has suffered numerous delays.

Could 'No Games' be the boost the ever-resilient "Bawse" needs to put out another successful album? The potential is certainly there.