Rick Ross is explaining why he chose to skip his performance alongside Chrisette Michele after losing the Best Hip-Hop trophy to Eminem, at this year's Soul Train Music Awards. After his walk-out Michele scolded Ross, who she collaborated with on his most recent hit 'Aston Martin Music,' for skipping the performance, yet according to Ross the whole thing is all one big misunderstanding.

"What exactly happened was I came the day before and they gave me a mic just to do rehearsals and I had no input on the performance," Ross told British radio personality Tim Westwood. "We done worked a long time to get in this position, just not to be thrown on stage. We had just done our thing at the BET Awards and we were a part of that performance down to the flames. I just want to be a part of the production when it surrounds me, that's all. That's it baby, that's it, it wasn't nothing personal to no one. It was no beefs."

Taking to her blog, Michele held nothing back when expressing her disappointment in Ross for making his exit. "Who stands off at an award show because they don't win?" she wrote. "I could have sworn hip hop was on the come up. But apparently rapping is about venting, bashing, chauvinistic pigging, and EGO. Not cool. Don't LET me start rapping."

The New York native also hit up Atlanta's Hot 107.9 radio station to once again address Ross, but steered clear of mentioning him by name. "One of my dear friends pulled a little fit and left the awards before he wasn't able to perform," she said. "That made it so I couldn't perform with him, and it made me think twice about what it means to receive an award. At the end of the day, just because you don't win an award doesn't make you less of an amazing artist. So I was a little disappointed at some people's behavior at the award show."

Even though there may be a good chance that Ross was a little upset that he didn't win the award, let's hope he doesn't make a habit out of bad behavior at awards shows. We all know how that move turned out for Kanye West.

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