Nas and Rick Ross have collaborated a few times over the years on tracks like "Accident Murderers" and "One of Us." The two rhymers seem to come from polar opposites of the spectrum, but their history suggests more commonalities than fans may realize. During a recent Wing Stop event in New York City, blogger Lindsey India asked Ross would he ever be willing to executive produce a Nas album.

“You know, Nas is so great as an MC. He’s a legend," Ross answered. "So I wouldn’t even play with that, because of course you know Rozay will f---ing do it!

“You know I would love to do it, but more importantly, the way Nas moves is so calculated. I feel like everything he does is perfect timing. He’s a legend, and I would love to. You know it’s whatever for the big homie.”

Nas has a forthcoming album expected to drop this year--his first since 2012s acclaimed Life Is Good. The rapper is consistently hailed as one of the best lyricists the genre has ever seen; but he's almost just as criticized for shoddy production weighing down so many of his albums. Rozay, on the other hand, has been known to land some of the best production on his releases.

So Rozay steering a Nas project might yield some pretty impressive returns--or it could be a musical train wreck.

In addition to working on a new album, Nas has been keeping busy with a lot of eclectic interests; from a line of cricket-made protein bars, to a joint venture with Ghostbusters. And the Queens-born emcee is headlining the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival this summer.