Desperate for attention, Rhymefest went in on...everyone in a recent interview with XXL. "I have a question; why are we talking about these light skinned n---as? [Laughs] I mean we got indecisive a-s Barak Obama and confused a-s Tiger Woods, Shamar Moore ol' gay a-s, these light skinned n---as are f--kin' the world up. [Laughs] Whatever happened to Wesley Snipes and Denzel Washington? I mean, damn, can Don Cheadle get some love up in this piece?" No. [XXL]

Ke$ha discussed her "psychadelic" new video. "I wrote this song on an airplane in, like, 10 minutes and finished it with my mom. So it's one of my favorites. It's stupid and fun. You can't take it too seriously," she said. "And so, the video, I wanted it to be like a psychedelic trip of the mind, comparable with being so disgustingly in love with someone that you lose your head. So I ride an elephant - no big deal! - and, um, I dance around a cave with black-light body paint and a python. I was in a cave, in the desert, and it was really fun." Everyone hates her for whatever reason, but I kinda think she's funny. She's like one of those people you can have a hilarious bunch of beers with, and then when you really need something, won't ever call you back. [MTV]

Justin Bieber met Kim Kardashian and gave her the Bieber Fever. "I officially have Bieber Fever!!! ... Best time in DC. Heading home soon!" the reality star (is that what you call what she does for a living?) tweeted. Then Bieber's fans started sending her death threats. "Ladies calm down," Bieber intervened. "@kimkardashian is a friend. a very sexy friend but a friend. no need 4 threats. Let's all be friends and hang out often." Canadians. [JustinBieber]