Known for her 2001 album, 'How I Do,' feature work with Talib Kweli and her collaboration project with the rapper, Idle Warship, Res is readying the release of her latest EP, 'RefriedMAC,' on Oct. 29.

The Philadelphia singer decided to take a different approach to this project and has covered five Fleetwood Mac songs including 'Rhiannon,' 'The Chain,' 'Little Lies,' 'Edge of Seventeen' and 'Dreams.'

She recently performed the EP and turned her rendition of 'Dreams' into a video, which shows scenes from the show as well as clips of her playing on the steps in front of a house. The faster and more R&B-laden version gives the legendary song a facelift, opening the track up to new fans.

"This is my version," she said before performing the cover. "And this song is basically dedicated... It's for all the women to all the men. So this song, it's for all the ladies in the house who want to dedicate it to all the men."