Two iconic brands in athletic apparel -- Reigning Champ and Everlast -- have teamed up to create a clothing capsule that’s perfect for those who stay active in and outside of the gym.

The Reigning Champ x Everlast 2014 Spring/Summer collection is small but it’s about quality not quantity. Designed by No Mas for Everlast N.Y., the pieces are constructed with terry twill, fleece and cotton materials by Reigning Champ, making this apparel both fashionable and functional.

The capsule collection features hoodies, a pair of cut-off crewneck shirts, T-shirts and sweatshorts in grey and black colors. What makes these clothes really stand out is the "N.Y." logo branding on the tees and hoodies.

Because of the supreme craftsmanship that go into making the apparel, the collection is expensive with prices ranging from $69 for the shorts to $145 for the hoodies.

If you are sporty and you love New York, these are some great clothes to wear during the summer months.

The Reigning Champ x Everlast collection is available now at No Mas-NYC.

Check out some of the items below.

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