Ray J was hospitalized after blackening out on the set of U.K.’s Celebrity Big Brother series. The R&B singer, who has been shooting the show for three days, was apparently in “extreme tooth pain” and he complained to producers.

Insiders have told TMZ that the producers initially didn’t believe Ray J and ordered him to stay in the house. The next day, a dentist did arrive and gave the singer several painkillers but they didn’t work.

Ray J reportedly was still in severe pain and producers rushed him to the hospital. When he was taken by medics he apparently blacked out.

According to doctors, Ray J has an abscessed tooth and other dental issues. Unfortunately, he’s also been kicked off the show.

Ray J is currently on his way to the dentist office but he spoke with TMZ before his dental appointment. The singer told the media website that he will explore legal action if the producers don't let him back on the show. He maintains that his tooth problems are not his fault and shouldn't affect him from working on the program.

Ray J was promised $1 million for his participation in Celebrity Big Brother, but that seems like it's up in the air.

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