Just days after the murder-suicide of Earl Hayes and Stephanie Moseley, another Hollywood couple dealt with a potential suicide.

According to TMZ, 'Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood' star Ray J was worried about his now ex-girlfriend, Princess, who threatened to kill herself after he broke up with her.

On Tuesday (Dec. 9), the singer ended their relationship, which prompted a number of texts from Princess. However, when Ray J didn't answer them, she threatened to take her own life, which he took very seriously and he called 911. Ray J was ultra sensitive to the situation in light of Hayes' tragic death.

Afterwards, police went to the former couple's home. Ray J admitted a gun was kept in the residence, but Princess wasn't home when they arrived. Thankfully, she was later contacted and seemed to calm down a bit. She told Ray J that she wasn't going to follow through with the morbid threat.

Hopefully, Ray J and Princess can work things out because we don't need to see another sad Hollywood death. We have to admit, after watching them on the 'Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reunion special,' the pair do have a strange relationship.

Nevertheless, we wish Ray J and Princess the best.

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