Four years after West Coast rappers Ras Kass and Game got into a brawl in a Los Angeles nightclub, the embittered rivals started the new year with a rematch. Though information regarding their most recent scrap is scarce, Ras Kass was quick to tweet about the incident, claiming he had KO'd Game, and had a photo for evidence. "2011 starts out right !!! Me & Gayme had a rumble," Ras Kass tweeted. "Dude waaay p----. Don't punch & run. We got pic f-----!"

Game confirmed the fight, but offered a different recount of the events, tweeting "Gave Rass Kass a 2-piece nugget meal in da club da otha night. He went down n da 1st round like last time. Same soft chin, Different clothes."

The last time the rappers clashed was back in September of 2006, leading to several diss tracks from both sides. Their initial dispute was said to stem from a lack of respect from Game's side. "Our basic issue was that some n----s brown nosed [Game] because he was very successful," Kass explained in an interview. "I just knew his pedigree, I knew his background ... He's a stripper and he had blue contacts and blond hair, he got beat up a lot. Yeah, he had a tongue ring. You know, 'Change of Heart,' he didn't have a tattoo, he had a Hawaiian shirt ... That speaks volumes."

Their beef was likely reignited when Ras Kass signed with fellow West Coast rapper 40 Glocc, a G-Unit associate and Game rival.

In other news, Game recently tweeted that he was robbed of $75,000 in cash by a valet at a local mall, while shopping at Nordstrom.

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