In response to the nation being in a state of shock and despair following Donald Trump’s victory to become the 45th president of the United States, Rapsody delivers an uplifting message of hope with her new single, “Fire.”

Over a jazzy production provided by 9th Wonder, Kash and Khrysis, the North Carolina rhymer addresses white supremacy, police brutality, the 13th amendment and so much more.

"We gon’ still be alright / Joy come in the morning, we just gotta last for a night / The mask came off tonight / Don’t matter who in the Big House we gonna still march and fight, word to the people. Whaddup! / My brothers still standing strong holding they nuts / Sistaaaaahs! We built tough right? Right," she raps.

Halfway through the song, the beat switches up and Rapsody spits revolutionary lines over a vocal sample from Gil Scott-Heron and Brian Jackson’s jazzy tune “We Almost Lost Detroit.”

We can’t forget about Malcolm and Betty / We gotta stay ready or we’ll be (Losing our minds) / Slim pockets with no homes to live and no jobs to get we’ll be (Losing our minds) / War and racism, they hate us still / But we’ll fight until, until we’re all (Losing our minds)," she raps.

Along with "Fire," Rapsody’s also posted photocopies of her handwritten lyrics on her official website. There's also a countdown clock for the release of the Roc Nation artist's next project titled Where's Your Crown.

Listen to Rapsody's Song "Fire" Feat. Moonchild