Queens rapper Killa Sha (aka Sha Lumi) died of complications from diabetes this past weekend. Sha emerged on to the rap scene in the mid '80s as a member of the Super Kids along with fellow Queens rappers Tragedy Khadafi and Craig G of the Juice Crew. The trio separated after releasing only one 12" single on Nia Records in 1986 called 'The Tragedy (Don't Do It).' Throughout the '90s Sha continued to record with groups like Jedi Mind Tricks and Screwball.

On the solo tip, Sha released his last album 'God Walk on Water,' in 2007 via Traffic Entertainment. "We felt that Killa Sha was perhaps the last real Queensbridge rapper, period," said Christian Hedlund of the Traffic Entertainment Group. "He was a righteous individual, real stand-up guy, who delivered what he promised, and delivered quality. Not something we run into all the time."

During his career Sha also found success as a deejay with fellow Queens rappers Havoc and Mobb Deep. Sha was rumored to be releasing another full-length effort with rapper Large Professor, whom he collaborated with in 2009's 'Main Source.'