It's been said that today's true R&B singers are the last of a dying breed. Longtime fans of the genre lament that it's not what it once was, having been diluted by dance and hip-hop influences as of late. Nonetheless, great R&B has flooded 2012, by the likes of newer artists like Miguel, Frank Ocean, Elle Varner and Emeli Sande. Fresh music garners new followers, which keeps the sounds alive. After all, veterans like Marvin Gaye, Mary J. Blige, Aretha Franklin and Prince moved mountains to get the genre here. For those fans who are just now waving the R&B flag, The BoomBox makes life a little easier with R&B for Dummies. How do these entertainers make it big -- positively or negatively? What have they done to get to where they're going? This guide isn't meant to insult. As a newbie on the scene, we're helping you get a grip on the culture.

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Watch "Beyonce Celebrates 31st Birthday"

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