Eric B. & Rakim were rap legends both on and off the record.

While Eric B. was best known for his street rep, Rakim was well-respected for his handwork, in his own right. Unfortunately, according to a recent interview with Rakim, Kool G Rap, perhaps the greatest gangster rapper of all time, did not always fare so well in the streets.

Rakim sat down with 247HH and began by discussing his current relationship with Eric B., saying, "Eric B., you know me and him...[I] got a real bitter taste in my mouth when I think back on how the group split up. But you grow, forget, try to forgive. Sometimes you can't forgive but you try to forget... It's like when I see him, it's love when I see him but, as far as anything else man, I think that's it."

The Long Island MC also told a hilarious story about a tour stop the group made in North Carolina where G Rap caught a bad one and Eric B. literally slid across an entire dancefloor.

"We just came off stage, it was a big skating rink," Rakim recounted. "We took G Rap, this is '86, man, G Rap lived around Eric B. in Queens, so we took G Rap out on tour with us. We backstage counting our paper... Yo G -- my bad my dude, but make a long story short, dude snuffed G Rap, hit G Rap in the face, so they come backstage. I'll never forget, me and E back there countin' that paper, all of sudden the door opens, we look up and it's G Rap like 'Yo, this cat just snuffed me, boom boom boom.' So we like 'Word? Yo what's goin' on back there, G?' So we throw the money down and we go outside."

Ra then continues the story, which is well-worth watching, and can be checked out here. Basically, Eric B. and Rakim go after the goons, Ra gives one of em a mean right-left and Eric B. chases after another, ripping off the entire back panel of his sheepskin, and then taking a dive and riding the sheepskin across the entire roller skating rink. Comedy.

Rakim's 'The Seventh Seal' drops November 17.