A new book on Amy Winehouse will soon be hitting shelves, and it'll cover her unique relationship with the paparazzi.

Before the singer passed away in 2011, she was hounded daily by photographers, but she also paid them to take photos of her, act as security and help her out of sticky situations. At least that's what the authors and two brothers Darren and Elliott Bloom claim in their new book, which is called Amy: A Life Through the Lens.

In addition to that, the brothers claim that Amy's father Mitch Winehouse would hire them as his daughter's "official paparazzi," and he promised them close access if they deleted any photos that would harm her career.

So far Mitch hasn't commented on the book, but in the past he's been very vocal about similar projects. In fact, in an interview with The Guardian, he expressed disappointment in the 2015 film Amy and said the filmmakers did a horrible job.

"I told them that they were a disgrace," he stated. "I said 'You should be ashamed of yourselves. You had the opportunity to make a wonderful film and you've made this.'"

Amy Winehouse: A Life Through the Lens will be out on April 4.

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