If all goes according to plan, 2010 should find Raekwon continuing his recent renaissance with a series of high profile collaborative albums. In addition to the artist's upcoming record with Ghostface Killah and Method Man, Rae recently voiced his intention to hit the studio for a full-length collaboration with the legendary Kool G Rap.

"We talking about doing a project together," explained The Chef in an interview with AllHipHop. "Kool G Rap and The Chef. You know what kind of s--- is that gonna be... We gon a lot of history checkin, a lot of real gangster s--- gon be on this one, for real, so get ready for that."

While that doesn't offer too much in the way of details, it's a pretty exciting proposition. Fakeness is certainly nothing new to hip-hop, but manufactured corporate acts have certainly become par for the course over the last few years. Raekwon recognizes this and wants to seek out other like-minded craftsmen that really know how to write and weave stories together. As he tells it, this is what drove him to collaborate with Kool G Rap.

"We talk about real s---," Rae reflected. "We go outside of rap with it. I just look at it like this my n----, know what I mean? There's something about brothers that taught me what I know. When they still around bustin they rifle, that's what it was about when you was a youngin. Be molded by the strongest. These n----- are the strongest, the top elite of rap, and they callin me?"

Pointing the conversation directly to G Rap, Rae continued: "You know your name is always in my grab bag. You gave me life. You know that, right? I just think about the times when we was out on the block camouflaged up, tryna live and just make it. It was like your s--- stayed in the cassette box."