R. Kelly is going strong with his comeback in 2015. The crooner releases a new song, "Switch Up" featuring Jeremih and Lil Wayne, off his upcoming LP, The Buffet.

The "Pied Piper of R&B" is definitely going for a different sound with the new tune, which matches most of the popular Billboard Top 100 songs of today rather than his traditional slow-burning, melodic vibe of the past.

It seems the change was intentional though as the "Ignition" singer starts the song with a double entendre. "I'm about to switch it up," he declares before he boasts about money and his ability to "switch" women on a daily basis.

"Same s---, new day / New bitch, new brain / Got my cell twerkin' / But I forget their names / Got a million dollars in the club / So it ain't s--- to throw it up," the 48-year-old sings over the trap-styled beat with plucking strings and heavy bass.

Jeremih keeps the pace with his own slew of pompous and explicit rhymes. "D--- up in her, make her get the hiccups / When her man call, she don't pick up / I ain't even worried 'bout it / Baby let's try a new position," he sings.

But it's the Young Money leader that takes the cake for X-rated lyrics. "Take her ass home, eat her c--- up / Body like a pinup, I hit it with my chin up / Tell her call a friend up, and if she acts stuck up / There's plenty fish in the sea with their fin up," Weezy rhymes.

This is the second single from Kellz's forthcoming album. The Trapped in the Closet creator released the fun up-beat song "Backyard Party" in August. Buffett is scheduled for a Nov. 20 release.

Listen to R. Kelly's "Switch Up" Feat. Jeremih & Lil Wayne

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