Iggy Azalea has no problem being blunt. Need proof? Check out her responses to TheBoombox.com's Quick Facts questionnaire, where we ask artists a variety of questions ranging from their favorite things to pet peeves.

Azalea couldn't resist giggling at some of the questions and even had a pretty interesting anecdote for question No. 6: "What's a deal breaker when you're out on a date?" Her answer: is shaving one's penis. So don't over do it with the manscaping fellas.

“I was dating this guy for so long and he shaved it and I was just like what’s the deal? You have a snail trail," she says. "This is really misleading and I’m really confused and I’m scared and I want to go home. I wasted so many months on dating you and really liking you, and you have a little vagina. It’s weird."

That's Iggy Azalea for you. See more of her answers below.