Queen Latifah is on a hot streak with her acting career, having recently appeared in the box office success 'Just Wright' opposite Common. But she's already thinking about the next one. Latifah has signed on to star in the upcoming musical film 'Joyful Noise' with country legend Dolly Parton, focusing on the two as they band together to prevent the demise of a small-town gospel choir.

Latifah stars as a mother of two teenagers who assumes the role of choir director at Pacashau Gospel Choir after the death of their previous director. Parton will play the deceased director's widow, who competes with Latifah's character to take over the job. There is currently no release date set for the Todd Graff-directed ('Camp,' 'Bandslam') film nor a production date.

Latifah made her big screen debut in 1991's 'Jungle Fever,' spending the next few years appearing in hood classics including 'Set It Off,' 'Juice' and 'House Party 2.' The rapper-turned-actress was nominated for an Academy Award for her supporting role in 2002's 'Chicago,' and has since appeared in films such as 'Ice Age: The Meltdown,' and 'Hairspray.'

In addition to appearing in 'Joyful Noise,' La has a busy few years ahead of her on the acting tip. She is set to star in 'Truck Turner,' 'Welfare Queen' and 'New Year's Eve,' the sequel to the box office smash 'Valentine's Day' released earlier this year.