While the recession continues to loom, everyone seems to want their just due. Roxanna Floyd and Susan Moses, two former employees of Queen Latifah filed separate lawsuits in a Manhattan Federal Court on March 30 claiming the rapper/actress never paid them.

Floyd, who worked as a consultant for Latifah's Cover Girl "Queen Collection," says she's owed $700,000 for her services. Moses, a celebrity fashion stylist, says she was promised an annual salary of $50,000 for working on Latifah's Curvation line between July 2005 and February 2008 and is now seeking $300,000.

In a recent statement, Moses' lawyer Carmen Giordano commented on the lawsuit stating, "Despite such demands and assurances as well as expressions of remorse for having stiffed plaintiff ... defendants have completely failed to pay plaintiff for her services and ...expenses relating to Curvations."

Queen Latifah has yet to comment on the matter.