Rapper-turned-actor Queen Latifah is becoming a mini-mogul in her own right. The Queen has teamed up with the Home Shopping Network to launch her own aptly-titled clothing line called The Queen Collection.

The new line features top-to-bottom apparel in addition to handbags and other accessories. In a statement, Queen Latifah described the new line as an extension of her personal style, tailored to suit the workplace. "I wanted my collection to reflect my personal style while giving women the tools to build a wardrobe they can feel good in," Queen Latifah said. "I partnered with HSN because it's the ideal platform to share my story and the stories of women who inspired me. I hope to instill confidence in hundreds of thousands of women across the country."

After launching her new collection in late August, Latifah also has plans to debut a line of natural clip-on hair extensions for the Home Shopping Network. "HSN and I have worked closely together to create a high quality hair product for women who are interested in reinventing their look," she explained. "Since my brand philosophy is about instilling confidence in women everywhere, I want to help them transform their look from head to toe."

This isn't Queen Latifah's first brush with entrepreneurism. In 2007, she launched Curvation, a lingerie line for curvy women. Last year, she branched out and invested in a New York-based bottled water company, called New York Spring Water. Her film and TV roles have earned her both Emmy and Academy Award nominations, and led to the launch of her production company Flava Unit Entertainment, which is overseeing the new VH1 series 'Single Ladies.'

She debuts The Queen Collection on HSN with a live appearance on Saturday, Aug. 27, that we can only hope will be as entertaining as her 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' cameo last night (May 23.) Check it out below.

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