It looks like Migos had a 'Fight Night' in Washington, D.C. According to reports, one of the members reportedly had his chain snatched by Chief Keef's goon during a brawl on Saturday (Nov. 15).

It happened at Stadium, D.C.'s popular gentlemen's club, where Migos was performing a show. Apparently, after their performance a fight happened and Quavo was relieved of his chain. Shortly thereafter, Chief Keef posted an image of the alleged chain on Instagram but it was quickly deleted.

The beef between Migos and Chief Keef's camp has been simmering for months with threats of violence being tossed back and forth by all parties involved.

It's also worth noting that Stadium is the same venue where Drake angrily threw down a stack of money outside of the club before charging inside to confront Tyga's goons who jumped one of his friends.