Former G.O.O.D. Music rapper Consequence raised the ire of his cousin Q-Tip on Wednesday evening (May 4), when he discussed some of the interpersonal issues that lead to A Tribe Called Quest's breakup, and questioned Tip's behavior regarding Tribe documentarian Michael Rapaport.

"With 'Beats, Rhymes and Life' [what's] never been said is that I was the glue between him and Phife," Consequence explained to his interviewer, MTV's Sway. "It was never even clearly defined what my membership or lack of membership was with Tribe, because of what the situation internally with them was. I've never spoken out against any of them, even Jarobi, Jarobi wasn't around when we recorded 'Beats, Rhymes [and Life],' because him and Q-Tip had their own issues."

Cons went on to criticize his cousin for appearing on MTV with a copy of an alleged email from the Tribe documentary director Michael Rapaport, claiming Tip should know better than to refer to a print-out, when making accusations.

Q-Tip was alerted to Consequence's comments via Twitter, where he posted several shocked responses to his former protege's claims. "Poor sway.. He's looking like damn!!! Where is the road map" Tip tweeted. "GLUE?? I gave the n---- a look. He doesn't even know what the hell he's talking abt. Now he's talking abt my biz? He DOESN'T know what he's talking abt."

Tip concluded his angry defense by apologizing to Sway for his cousin's ultra-candid statements.

"@RealSway I'm sorry u had to deal with that" Q-Tip wrote.

Consequence has yet to comment in his defense.

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