Q-Tip has his plate full this month, tackling press for the Sept. 15 release of his album 'Kamaal the Abstract,' in addition to his upcoming Michael Jackson birthday celebration at the Nokia Theater on Saturday, but the Queens, NY, native made some time this past week to weigh in on New York politics.

On August 19, Tip begin a series of Twitter updates that he later titled the "Anti-Bloomberg Operation," urging New Yorkers not to vote the Republican politician into another term as mayor. "Don't vote for Bloomberg if u are a humanitarian," was followed by another post only a few hours later, saying "Don't vote for Bloomberg if [you] love your quality of life."

After a few more detailed tweets, including "Bloomberg's quality of life campaign ONLY looks out for the quality of life of the wealthy," which bashed the mayor for his current policies on New York's homeless, Tip talked to Newsday about the reasoning behind his attacks. "His viewpoint of New York City is from his East Side town house . . . his occasional jaunt to a neighborhood is when he has to go for political substance or [to] quell anger in a neighborhood," he said.

In regards to a post which accused the mayor of tyranny -- "Bloombergs manipulation of the law to enable him to run for a 3rd term is an act of Tyranny!" -- Q-Tip explained that the mayor's decision to sign a bill which changed term limits this past November was crossing a line. Bloomberg cited his experience as the reason why he should serve another term during the current economic downturn, but Tip disagreed. "That's pretty egotistic in a way," he said.

After all was said and done, Tip, always the responsible artist, made it clear he harbors no personal feelings against the mayor, but simply disagrees with his governing policies. "It's not like I hate him," he said. "I disagree with the way he is dealing with the city that I love, that millions of people love."