It was just another day in the office Tuesday (Aug. 25) until Mr Hudson stopped by for a taping of The Interface. While the Kanye-cosigned new wave singer-songwriter prepped for his performances in our New York studio, Q-Tip strolled in to chat about his upcoming album, the once-shelved, 'Kamaal the Abstract.'

After running down the details of his old/new project, Tip walked in the opposite direction of the exit, and made a beeline toward Hudson. The pair chatted for a bit before launching into an impromptu jam session. Hudson sat behind the drum set, but eventually handed the sticks over to a humble Tip, who claimed he didn't play. After staring at the newcomer and Tribe rapper while they vibed about tunes, past hits, future projects, etc., we realized this was the most amazing and organic photo opportunity.

A few more photos were bred from the interesting day, but we'll save those for our personal Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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