After it was rumored that Pusha T's next album King Push would be produced by The Neptunes, it's now being revealed that Kanye West will craft much of the beats.

In an interview with Complex, the Virginia Beach rhymer said the tracks on the album will be over the top incredible, and you can tell it was hard for him to contain his excitement. Plus, Push said that he's about 85 percent done with the album at this point.

"I'm telling you, I'm giving you the science," he said. "Good beats. Amazing beats. You know, great beats."

In another part of the interview, the Clipse member spoke about involving himself in social and political issues. If you haven't noticed yet, Push has really rolled up his sleeves in the past year. He put in work with Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, helped to reduce gun violence and was outspoken about making recreational marijuana legal in the state of California.

"I have to say that it all started with Obama introducing me to My Brother's Keeper's program," he said about his activism. "You know, everything that was going on with the election. You know, we took the L with that. Since then we have no connection to the administration anymore, so I've been thinking for a while what is there to do... And the only thing I can come up with is to try to be a little more self-governing."

You can see Pusha's entire interview above.

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