Kanye West's creative firm, DONDA, maintains its minimalist approach with the newly revealed artwork for Pusha T's new album, 'My Name Is My Name.'

The very, very bare two covers for the album arrive about a day or so removed from the release of Pusha's new single, the grim 'Sweet Serenade' featuring Chris Brown. That track arrived with the same stripped-down theme we also saw with 'Numbers On The Boards,' which only featured a parental advisory sticker and the phrase "NO ARTWORK."

The art for 'My Name Is My Name' was unveiled by Pusha's label boss, Kanye West, who tweeted out the two pieces (above and below) this afternoon. As you'll see for yourself, one is a UPC barcode while the other is a shot from under Pusha's chest and head. And if you scan the barcode using the Amazon app, it apparently allows you to pre-order the album.

So, what are your thoughts on the artwork? Let us know. 'My Name Is My Name' drops Oct. 8.