Flavor Flav’s Daughter Arrested After Domestic Incident
On a memorable 1990 Public Enemy track, Flavor Flav rapped the line, "911 is a joke in your town." As it turns out, that might not apply to Las Vegas, where police responded to a call from Flav's home earlier this morning (Jan. 29) and wound up arresting one of his daughters, TMZ reports...
Odd Pairings in Rap History: DMX, Marilyn Manson + More
They say opposites attract. In music, when sounds foreign to one other collide to form single cohesive tracks, we often call the results "mash-ups." To some, these are musical dreams; others see them as ear-opening opportunities to let different artists into their lives...
Chuck D Files $100 Million Class Action Lawsuit Against UMG
Legendary Public Enemy front man Chuck D has filed a $100 million lawsuit against Universal Music Group, claiming breach of contract. The class action suit, filed in the U.S. Disctrict Court in Northern Calif. on Tuesday (Nov. 1), accuses UMG of failing to provide proper accounting for digital royalties, alleging that the label has cheated its artists "hundreds of millions of dollars in roy

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