Mobb Deep rapper Prodigy, who recently published his autobiography 'My Infamous Life: The Autobiography of Mobb Deep's Prodigy,' is revealing some more controversial anecdotes about his life while promoting his new read.

Though the diminutive, sickle-cell-stricken MC is on the losing side of his long history with rap beef, that hasn't stopped him from attempting to draw out even bigger fish, announcing at a recent book signing in Washington D.C., that he had "almost" fought hip-hop mogul Jay-Z outside of Diddy's now-shuttered eatery Justin's, in 2001.

Fans will remember that Jay infamously aired out the Mobb Deep rapper at Hot 97's Summer Jam that year, throwing photos up on the big screens during his performance of 'The Takeover,' depicting a young "Ballerina P" decked out in a leotard and sparkling jacket.

Several months later, Prodigy apparently attempted to exact his revenge, after insulting Jay in a magazine interview. "Sometime after that little statement I made about him, Jay-Z put out the song called 'The Takeover' and he did the Summer Jam," Prodigy revealed at the signing. "Had my picture up when I was a little kid at my grandmother's dance school. I thought I was Michael Jackson. Aight, so cool. That was funny to me. I didn't even take offense to that. That was just funny to me. My whole problem was a whole 'nother thing."

Upon hearing that Jay was dining at Justin's, Prodigy and his crew, which he estimated at 10 to 15 strong, went to the restaurant to confront the Roc-A-Fella rapper.

"We surrounded the front door so he couldn't get out without seeing us. So I'm standing there waiting to see him and finally he comes from back somewhere," Prodigy explained. "Him and Jermaine Dupri come walking. Jermaine sees us and he was out. Jay's standing there with two bodyguards approaching us ... He puts his hand out, like this, and comes walking up to me like this to shake my hand. So I'm looking at him like I could just really treat him like a rag dog right now like for real. So I shook his hand, 'What's up man?' He was like 'Yo listen, it ain't no beef. It's just music. Let's keep it just music. There's no problems, son. I just wish you would have came and told me how you felt to my face instead of putting it in a magazine.' And I'm like 'Alright cool, there ain't no beef. We can keep it just music.' And I had thought about it real quick. Cause I'm thinking about how I could just really overpower him right now with the security and all that."

While it doesn't exactly sound like Prodigy came out on top on that one, his book is in stores now, with plenty more thug anecdotes.

Since his release from prison earlier this year, Prodigy and Havoc have reunited as Mobb Deep for a one-off collaboration with Nas, titled 'Dog S---.' Earlier this week, Prodigy released his first solo post-prison EP, 'The Ellsworth Bumpy Johnson,' for free via Complex.

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