Prodigy, of Mobb Deep fame, is still deep in a three-year prison sentence on weapons charges. Fortunately, he's not going to leave us hanging for that entire time. Over the weekend, P checked-in with a crazy seven-minute freestyle placed over a beat produced by Sid Roams that was all recorded via telephone. The track, aptly-titled 'Phone Tap,' finds Prodigy name checking his loves and hates.

"Yo, they monitor the phone calls/ Watch what you say/ You gotta phone tap/ Better watch how you speak, yeah/ Welcome to state prison/ They got a call on the hotline, who is it," the veteran rapper snarls. "I heard Rat P got knocked/ I mean Max B/ I heard Tru Life fighting/ Anyway, 50 Cent came to see me last weekend/ We had a long talk about how it's gon be when I touch town/ And when I touch down/ We gonna party like the Super Bowl on the countdown."

Prodigy also takes aim at the new generation of rappers in the track. He dismissively refers to the group as "new n----- that sound like Kanye West." We're going to have to bet that no one in this group is going to be stepping up to Mobb Deep like some of our favorite battles throughout the past decade, though.

"Everybody does what the next man does," he continues. "I listen to Pitbull and Flo Rida/ These new n---- sounding like Kanye West/ All they gon do is run like Saigon did/ But tell Hav I love him/ Get the beats together/ So when Mobb Deep drop we'll be bigger and better."

Head on over to Nah Right for a download.