Prodigy is in the middle of a New York City caper in the new video for his song "The One and Only." He also announced a new album that's on its way called Hegelian Dialectic.

In the newly released clip, P plays the role of O.G. Bumpy Johnson, who hustles, makes his rounds and collects a paper bag full of cash. The video was directed by Mark Shavers, who did a good job of making building the suspense and making it look like something major was about to occur.

As far as the lyrics, the Mobb Deep member lets people know that he'll never stop writing rhymes, whether the money is rolling in or whether it totally dries up.

"Don P, Colonel 16s, Captain Bars, man you can call me / Whatever the F you feel best / Just as long as you spell my name right on the checks / I'ma keep doing what I do so well /Truth be told, without money I would still spill / All of my thoughts on to the beats / This is my passion, my baby, I breathe."

There's no date yet on the Hegelian Dialectic album, but until we know more you can rock to "The One and Only" video above.


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