Mobb Deep's Prodigy celebrates Black Music Month 365 days a year. The veteran rapper has roots deeply embedded in music, which go way beyond hip-hop -- from his grandmother's legendary dance academy to learning about new singers from his father when he was a kid. As a result, pursuing his craft as an entertainer himself was an obvious trajectory.

For the Queens native, it's hard to choose just one favorite song from his favorite artists; he has so many of them. But like most of us, what sticks the most in Prodigy's mind when it comes to the tracks are the memories attached to the sound of the music and the moments they recall.

In celebrating Black Music Month, Prodigy shares with The BoomBox his five favorite black artists of all time. Soul crooners and female MCs are included, as well as performers who've influenced him or were a part of his childhood. You'll be surprised by some of his choices.

See Prodigy Explain Why He Favors These Black Artists


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