Prince Harry
handed out some royal shock and awe backstage at a recent music festival when he greeted UK rapper Dizzee Rascal with what was described as "an excruciating display of shadow boxing and 'street' handshakes."

Harry is a big fan of Dizzee's, and had asked a London promoter to introduce him at the Wireless Festival in Hyde Park. Dizzee, who has been criticized by the media for glorifying violence, and was nearly stabbed to death the week his debut album was released, was confused by Harry's street approach.

"I never saw that one coming," he told the Daily Mail. "Prince Harry came in and was joking around and being a bit cheeky, so I told him, 'If you weren't royalty I would've punched you in the face by now,' and he seemed to like that."

Apparently, Harry thought the best way to bridge their differences in upbringing would be to try some kung-fu and Jamie Kennedy inspired hand gestures, not unlike his brother William's Ali G impression on live television in 2001.

Dizzee appeared to bounce back from the awkward greeting, and said that the prince fit in well backstage because he is a "naughty boy," whose friends were "probably a bit wilder" than his own crew. He also said that Prince Harry was more "rock and roll" than the average member of the royal family.

A regular 'King Ralph' perhaps?

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