If you're a hip hop purist, then you'll appreciate this new track by PRhyme and Logic. The dynamic duo of DJ Premier and Royce da 5'9" tap the DMV upstart for a super lyrical brigade on "Mode."

Logic and Royce are in pure form as they go toe-to-toe over DJ Premier's top-notch beat. First up is Royce, who delivers a boast-heavy verse. "Yeah, fall in line to fall back / Big L's technique, Pun's grammar / Before the roof went in the trunk / The ragtops sat back behind the head just like a gun hammer / My sickness should remind you of Christmas / 'Cause I'm always coming down with something like a young Santa," Royce raps.

Logic returns the favor with some braggadocio of his own. "I never miss, I murder my mission as the rendition / I listen while my chain glisten / I'ma get it like the world is ended / dependent only if it's intended defendin' my mind / In the way I rhyme so I'm sending in / The best of the best / no never the less / I never digress, I just keep it moving," he serves.

Talk about bars. This track will be on the Eminem-produced soundtrack Southpaw. The movie is set to be out July 24. Give this track a run below.

Listen to PRhyme's "Mode" Feat. Logic

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