Pitchfork Media, the holier-than-thou Web site for the holier-than-thou set, have come down from the mountain to rank OutKast's 'B.O.B' as the best song of the 2000s. It's an interesting choice and hardly surprising given the song's masterful mashing of just about every musical meme that would become popular throughout the decade. The ATL duo also got voted into the #12 slot with the even more inescapable 'Hey Ya.'

Some other hip-hop and R&B songs cracked the Top 20 as well. R. Kelly clocks in at #19 with the still great 'Ignition (Remix),' while Gnarls Barkley got a solid #11 with 'Crazy.' Jay-Z cashed in on some big beats with '99 Problems' at #14 and 'Crazy In Love,' his collaboration with Beyonce, at a high #4.

Pitchfork also positioned the 2000s as the era of the wildly experimental female MC. Missy Elliott's 'Get Ur Freak On' hit #7 and MIA's 'Paper Planes (Diplo Remix),' which features Bun B and Rich Boy, took the #3 slot.

The list's culmination will create much debate and even more links throughout the blogosphere. Feel free to spew your thoughts below.