Pitbull isn't letting broken bones stop him from showing his hometown spirit. The rapper will perform at the Miami Heat's home opener this Friday, Oct. 29, to welcome superstar NBA player Lebron James to his new stadium.

Pitbull was sidelined earlier this month after he broke his hand. "It was one of those good nights where you're having too much fun and, unfortunately, I fell on my hand the wrong way and fractured it," he told MTV. The injury requires a follow-up surgery that will remove pins holding bones together in his hand. Despite the minor setback, he hopes to release his new album 'Planet Pit' this December.

In the meantime, the 'Culo' rapper will warm up fans at the American Airlines Arena's East Plaza with DJ MDOT and the Miami Heat Dancers. Pitbull hits the stage at 7PM, before Lebron's first official tip-off for the Heat at 8PM. Arguably the most hyped free agent in history, Lebron joined the Heat after much speculation that he would sign with the New York Knicks, or his friend Jay-Z's New Jersey Nets.