In an attempt to boost attendance, the Miami Dolphins have hired Florida talent T-Pain and Pitbull to record their new fight song, which was debuted August 7 at the Versace mansion on South Beach.

Dolphins owner Stephen M. Ross also tapped margarita-rocker Jimmy Buffet to provide a version of the song, which he hopes will help fill seats in the team's newly-renamed Land Shark Stadium.

"The new fight theme songs by Jimmy Buffett and T-Pain feat. Pitbull will be introduced for '09/10 season,'' the Dolphins' spokesman Elliot Stares said. "The original fight song will never be obsolete and will remain on the musical agenda.

According to the press release, the music has been updated, but the lyrics to the fight songs remain the same as the original, which conjures a hilarious image of Pitbull, Pain and Buffet singing:

"Miami has the Dolphins/ The greatest football team/ We take the ball from goal to goal/ Like no one's ever seen/ We're in the air, we're on the ground/ We're always in control/ And when you say Miami/ You're talking Super Bowl!"

We hope that works for them.