Pharrell Williams is on a happy streak. After shimmying with Oscar winners at the 2014 Academy Awards, he’s now bringing his enthusiasm to the fashion world with a T-shirt collection for clothing line Uniqlo.

The 'Blurred Lines' producer is set to launch a limited-edition capsule of 'i am OTHER' tees for his brand 'i am OTHER.'

The shirt features the slogan "Think other" with a blue "O" to represent Skateboard P’s company.

Uniqlo will release a limited run of 500 T-shirts via its webstore on March 21 for $19.90. The full line will be previewed on March 31 and available worldwide on April 14.

The "i am OTHER" T-shirt collection reunites Pharrell with his longtime friend and BAPE founder Nigo who is Uniqlo’s Creative Director.

In addition to his T-shirt collection, Pharrell Williams has just released his new album 'G I R L.'