Pharrell Williams hangs out with a lot of visual artists. So many that he put together an exhibit in Paris displaying all of their work called 'G I R L' and he's thrilled to be curating it.

"I don't have to have these opportunities, I don't have to have this inspiration, and I don't have to have the awareness that appreciation is like necessary," Skateboard P told the Wall Street Journal. "But I'm glad that I do have those three things, so I express them repetitively."

The exhibit, which was held last Monday (May 26), shows the work of Belgium's Johan Creten, Japanese pop culture artist Takashi Murakami, and renown French street artist JR.

Williams says he's become a devoted student of the art world. "It says 'Curating by Pharrell Williams,' but it should really be 'The Education of Pharrell Williams,'" he states. "Because I'm just learning."

The veteran producer's love for the visual arts are well-documented, so it might surprise some that this is his first exhibit. The show has garnered some mixed reviews, however. Some European journalists have praised the artists' works, while others believed it to be sexist.

All and all, the pieces looked dope and they have that Pharrell Williams-cool about them.

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