N.E.R.D. frontman Pharrell, who recently took a little trip to the White House, said that the President is cooler than your man Hov. "Yeah, he's cool as s--t. I don't know who's cooler, him or Jay," Pharrell hedged. "Yeah, they're both cool. Obama might be a little bit cooler. Sorry Jay." Sorry Jay. Maybe you should retire. [Rap-Up]

You know what's a really hard job? Acting. Especially when you're working on an animated movie, and only your voice appears in the film. Actor Zach Snyder recently discussed the difficulties he encountered while shooting 'Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole,' lamenting "The problem is, when you're making an animated movie, the studio has an illusion in their minds - and it's really not true - that because it's a drawing, it can be changed at any time. It would drive me crazy. They'd be like, 'You know what'd be cool?' And I'd say, 'Agghh!' I was constantly fighting them. Things that weren't broken, clearly not broken, where they'd go, 'You know, you should try another angle. Maybe they're not owls. Maybe it's fish.' SO much harder to play a cartoon fish. We feel you mane. [AV Club]