Pharrell's 'G I R L' album arrives March 3, but the 'Happy' singer's project is sparking some controversy before its official release.

The cover art for the effort features the producer-rapper surrounded by three models, all of fair skin. Due to the absence of African-American women in the image, the album cover has been deemed racist by many who wonder why none of the women are black.

The debate heated up on Twitter today (Feb. 26), as journalists and fans argued both sides.

"I'm sure Pharrell's album is great, he's been making the best music of his life. Cover was disappointing. Google Chokwe Lumumba," said veteran writer Dream Hampton, who believes the 'G I R L' cover is problematic.

"Well... I can only speak for me. Here's what I want: For Black women of all hues to be represented proportionately in popular culture," echoed Twitter user Corporate Barbie.

Others weren't so sure that the artwork was intended to be racist.

"Why people trippin bout Pharrell album cover? I dnt see why they saying it’s racist," asked Kenny Power.

Sailor Neptune argued that Pharrell couldn't be racist since he's black himself. "As a member of the minority group, Pharrell choosing to exclude black females from his album cover cannot, by definition, be a racist act," she wrote.

Some even pointed to Pharrell's black wife, Helen, as proof that he isn't racist. "Ohhhh no @Pharrell has no black girls on his album cover... But has a black wife.... so move on," wrote one opinionated Twitter user.